Our Approach


The Riverstyx Foundation funds projects and organizations that demonstrate how investments in systems of life enhancement and support, specifically away from those promoting control and punishment, are not only far more cost effective, but will lead to safer, healthier, and more inspired communities. We aim to provide assistance to fringe projects, organizations, and paradigms that promote new perspectives of compassion, hopefully to influence both cultural awareness and social policy.

Projects are chosen at the discretion of the foundation’s board members. Riverstyx gives preference to early-stage projects with the potential to deliver innovative approaches to the often entrenched systems of criminal justice and end-of-life care. Early support is provided so front-end validation risks can be mitigated and organizational capacity developed, at which stage grantees can hopefully qualify for broader charitable support.

Riverstyx Foundation makes multi-year commitments, recognizing that start-up projects and organizations take time to advance beyond proof of concept to actual performance and stabilization where other donors will be more inclined to invest. Riverstyx Foundation can be nimble and risk tolerant, striving to transcend linear metrics of success. It also has the ability make decisions quickly and to remain flexible once it chooses to partner with an applicant organization.

(Note: When the Riverstyx Foundations make grants for research studies, we limit our support of indirect/operational expenses to only those that are associated with the cost of running the study.  We will provide a maximum of 10% for overhead in circumstances where the nature of the study requires the organization to incur such costs.)