The RiverStyx



A Bridge to the Relinquished

Parts of Self and Society 


In ancient Greek mythology, the river Styx was the sacred passage which connected the dualities of the world- life and death, shadow and light, conscious and unconscious- the Styx was a revered point of transition and source of power for the Gods, giving life and taking it away.

The Riverstyx Foundation

strives to work at this boundary place, attending to that which has been relegated to the shadows, out of fear, ignorance, and puritan influence-

recognizing that which is repressed from consciousness, or society, only festers and breeds pathology in its unnatural separation.

The goal is not to rid life of its suffering and darkness, but rather to reconcile it into our lives, to make relationship, and to honor its place as necessarily two sides of the same coin.


In doing so, may we come

into greater balance, beauty, and belonging.


The River Styx 

Areas of Focus


Preference to

early-stage projects

and emergent paradigms with the potential to deliver innovative models, tools, and policy for social transformation. Riverstyx Foundation can be nimble and risk tolerant, striving to transcend linear metrics of success, and to offer seed funding where others are less likely to invest.


Assistance to fringe projects, organizations, and social models that challenge fear-based paradigms and promote new perspectives of compassion and health. We seek high-leverage social change by providing resources to fringe areas that have been most stigmatized and disregarded by society and the funding community, in hopes of effectuating enduring change in both cultural awareness and social policy.

Multi-year commitments 

recognizing that start-up projects and organizations take time to advance beyond proof of concept to actual performance and stabilization where other donors will be inclined to invest. We develop trusted partnerships with organizations  reducing the need for arduous reporting and bureaucracy. 

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

-Carl Jung


The Riverstyx Foundation works to provide a bridge to the relinquished parts of ourselves, our society, and our ecology, to ease those fears and prejudices by funding projects that demonstrate the potential for healing and beauty, when life is embraced in its fullest expression.