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Riverstyx Impact Investments


  • ReCompose  

  • Native American Natural Foods (Tanka Bars)

  • Imlak'esh

  • Perennial Fund 

  • Alcarelle

  • Circular Systems 

  • GoBeyond Foods 

  • Brother Davids

Capitalism- and the greed, exploitation, and inequality it breeds- sits clearly at the root of a great many of our societal, psychological, environmental ills. Most philanthropic capital is gained from these destructive systems, and seeks to take a small, trivial percentage of those earnings to remedy the resultant harms. 


Riverstyx aspires to a more regenerative economic model, which prioritize human and ecological benefit over profit, while leveraging the power of business enterprise to expand it mission. Our impact investments aim to provide funding to businesses aligned with Riverstyx' ethos and granting areas. 

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